Dr.P.K.Mohanthy (N.D.Y.S, N.T, Yoga)

Dr.P.K.Mohanthy (N.D.Y.S, N.T, Yoga) out of inspiration and dedication to the field of natural healing medicine established Meera Natural Healing Centre in Pondicherry, by the end of the year 1995.


Hatha Yoga: Swami Kaivalayananda, Lonawala (Pune, Maharashtra)
Patanjali Yoga: Swami Sworupananda, Bihar school of yoga (Bihar)
Naturopathy: Delhi
Neurotherapy: Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra's Neurotherapy Institute (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
Thai Massage: Expert Thai massage teacher from Thailand.
Reflexology: Pondicherry

Yoga Meditation Pondicherry

Ayurvedic Therapy Pondicherry